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Anco Solutions: consultancy, selling and maintaining blown film extrusion plants

The various product lines are divided into:


Plastic materials extrusion plants


Flexographic presses




Plastic materials regeneration plants

Anco Solutions Sagl is a Swiss company that specialises in consultancy and in selling and maintaining plants for transforming plastic materials, in particular blown film extrusion plants and packaging machinery. Founded in 2014, the company has inherited the experience and professionalism of experts who boast years of experience in the extrusion of plastic materials sector and in their use as packaging.

Anco Solutions puts the customer at the centre of its activities, interpreting their needs and expectations and time and again suggesting the most suitable solutions to guarantee high-performance results and high quality and safety standards.

Anco Solutions operates on an international level: it has customers in China, Central Africa, Europe, Indochina, Indonesia, the Middle East, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, and many other countries.

We participate in the most important trade fairs for the processing and transformation of plastic materials sector, such as Plast in Milan (Italy) and “K” in Dusseldorf (Germany).


Consultancy and sale of plastic materials extrusion plants

Precision and Swiss reliability

We export all over the world

Customized solutions for each customer

“Anco Solutions offers consultancy services and sells plastic materials extruders and packaging machines all over the world. It is a young company made up of professionals with a great deal of experience. Anco Solutions is based in Lugano (Canton Ticino, Switzerland)”

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