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Anco Solutions provides high-performance solutions that respect the environment

We produce stretch films, polyethylene films, and wrap for packaging while respecting these principles.

Respect for the environment and natural resources is an utmost priority for Anco Solutions. The company makes use of innovative technologies that enable it to maintain high levels of performance while controlling the consumption of raw materials and electricity, which benefits the ecosystem (as well as company investments).

Anco Solutions is also involved in activities of high ecological value:

  • our catalogue products include plants for recycling and regenerating plastic materials, which enable you to reuse waste from processing plastic or recover plastic materials; this is an advantage for the ecosystem that translates into optimisation of company resources.

  • all our catalogue machines (extrusion plants, flexographic presses, heat-sealers) can also be used to produce stretch films and small and large bagsmade from compostable and biodegradable material, known as bioplastics..

The materials made with machinery provided by Anco Solutions are compliant with European legislation (Standard EN13432) that establishes assessment criteria according to which packaging materials can be defined as ‚Äúcompostable and biodegradable‚ÄĚ. These criteria include complete natural degradation and the total absence of heavy metals.

Anco Solutions provides high-performance solutions that respect the environment: reduced energy consumption and innovative biodegradable materials. A commitment to nature that is renewed every day.

Plants with reduced energy consumption

Recycling and regeneration of plastics

Production of biodegradable materials

Reliability and safety while respecting the environment

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